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Simplified Savings Guide Mini-Course

Are you ready to take a few simple steps that will help you save month after month? With over $17,000 worth of savings inside, you’ll be able to free up more money to pay off debt and live the life you want!

Saving REALLY can be super simple…

Saving money doesn’t have to involve a ton of time or tricks.

We all have full lives and that’s why it’s time to get shortcuts on easy ways to save money without the hassle of clipping coupons or downloading apps that may save you pennies. 

If you’re wanting to free up money so you can ACTUALLY save on what’s important to you, this Simple Savings Guide is for YOU.

Meet your guide

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   Hey there!

I’m Amberlee Rich! I’m an online educator, blogger, and creator of the #DebtDumpChallenge.  

I love saving money in as many areas of my life as possible.   Ya see, we would’ve never been able to live the life we have without an amazing financial defense. 

By saving in different areas of our lives, we’ve been able to free up money to pay cash for cars, invest, take risks, be generous, and be able to pay off our house before I turned 32!!

We haven’t had brag-worthy incomes…I was a middle school teacher- and we all know how little teachers make! 

We lived way below our means by using THESE tools that are in this Simple Savings Guide. 

If you make $30,000 or $300,000 a year, this guide will help you save and life within your means.  This Simple Savings Guide will help you make some simple shifts that you do once to automate your savings. 

Are you ready to feel like you just got a raise?  That’s what this savings is gonna feel like!

Have you tried to save money but you didn’t know where to start or what was worth your time?

The Simplified Savings Guide goes in-depth on 37 easy ways to save money today.

Save in Different Ways

Learn simple ways to save on healthcare costs, insurance, entertainment, energy savings, cell phones, and so much more.

Feel Like You Got a Raise

When you save, you free up money to pay off debt, invest, give, or spend.  You’ll learn easy ways to save so you can find more financial freedom.

Be More Intentional

By looking at your finances and making a few simple shifts, you’ll become more intentional with the money you have.



Invest (literally) in Your Marriage

Financial issues are one of the leading reasons for divorce. This guide will help you and your spouse look at different ways you can save together. And if you’re single, this guide is perfect for you too!

Easy-Peasy Savings

Saving money doesn’t have to feel like trying to jump through rings of fire.  This guide makes it easy and walks you through how to save in different areas of our lives.

Go at Your Own Pace

Feel free to skip around inside this course and start on what interests you most or you can binge through it like your favorite Netflix series.

Year After Year Savings

Most of the ways to save in this Simple Savings Guide will help you save for years to come. How sweet is that!! You do the work once, and you get to enjoy the savings month after month.

Lifetime Access

You’ll get this course for life.  So any updates I add onto it, you’ll get for FREE.  Plus, you can go through the savings guide over and over again.
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Are you ready to start saving?

This online mini-course will guide you through over $17,000 worth of savings.  It’ll feel like you just got a raise!!

Are you ready to gain some financial peace?

Did you know that money is one of the leading causes of stress in 62% of Americans? And financial stress can lead to anxiety, depression, and a slew of other health problems. 

It’s time to take care of yourself inside and out.  Money doesn’t have to stress you out.   

Discover simple ways to save, so you can free up money to pay off debt, give, invest, and so much more. 

Are you ready to take the leap and gain some financial peace?

What to Expect Inside of the Simple Savings Guide

What is the inside of this course like? The Simple Savings Guide has 37 different areas that focus on ways to save money.  You’ll be able to read about each of the simple ways to save money.  Plus, you’ll find links for additional resources that walks you through how to put these techniques into practice. 

Have you personally tried all of the ways to save inside of this guide? Yes, we have either personally done all of the tips inside the course or we have helped others through that specific process of savings (because we’ve never had cable or a landline).  I would not be comfortable creating anything that I didn’t 100% believe in and I wholeheartedly believe that this guide will help you save in so many ways.

Who would benefit from the Simple Savings Guide?  Anyone can go through this Simple Savings Guide to help them eliminate excess spending and save every month by making minor tweaks. This is a great way to connect as a married couple through your finances. 

What is the format of the Simple Savings Guide?

This guide is text only with online resource links.  The course will show your progress and what lessons you’ve finished. 

Do I need to go through this course in order?  Feel free to skip around inside the course.  You’ll have lifetime access, so you can go back and retake this course as many times as you’d like.

How long will it take me to go through the Simple Savings Guide?  You could read through the entire course in a day.  But I’d encourage you to  implement what you learn inside the course and go through it with your spouse. 

There is no way I could give a specific length of time it’ll take to go through the course and implement it into your life.  It just depends on your personal situation. The course does walk you through 37 areas of savings. You’ll have to determine what you want to implement.

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