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Marriage Goal Setting Guide

Can you imagine what life would like if you and your partner knew what you wanted and how to get there? Let me show you how…


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Are you living day-by-day & feel like you’re going nowhere? 

Your life feels like it’s on repeat, but you want more. You want purpose. You want a more connected family, marriage, and friendships. You’re done being stagnant.

You’re ready to start dreaming up what you and your hubby really want. You’re ready to fully live into your purpose. You’re ready for change.

This is your key to get there!

You need direction, the right questions, and a process that actually works.

And that’s why I created the Marriage Goal Setting Guide.

It WILL change your life (and it’s only seven bucks)!

Meet your guide

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 Hey there!

I’m Amberlee Rich! I’m an online educator, podcaster, blogger, and creator of the #DebtDumpChallenge. 

If I was asked what is the one thing that has helped my marriage more than anything, I would say hands-down… goal setting.  

Setting goals together has helped us look at our future together.  It has made us a team and helped us reach goals faster because we’re not doing it alone.

I’ll be honest, we went a few years where we lost focus. We were knee-deep in caring for two little ones.  We weren’t setting goals or dreaming up the future together.  

I wish I could say that we were coasting through life, but we were in survival mode.  And survival mode has the tendency to creep up on us.  We don’t even recognize it until we can’t handle it anymore. 

This was us. 

We were living paycheck to paycheck.  We were stressed and exhausted until we realized what we were missing.

We stopped setting goals. We weren’t dreaming anymore.    

One afternoon, we decided to dream big together- to reverse engineer those dreams to create goals.  

And let me tell you our world changed. 

My husband and I felt connected and more driven than we had in years.  We finally figured out the answer to our problems.  We realized that our lack of finances was what was holding us back and then God opened up doors. 

Job opportunities opened up.  We were able to pay off our house and become completely debt-free in a year. 

We didn’t just set financial goals, we created relationship goals, family goals, spiritual goals and so much more.  

We started going on weekly date nights with our kids, we began to protect our family time and limit extracurriculars, we became more generous.  So much good came from that one afternoon.

And I want that for YOU!!

That’s why I created the Marriage Goal Setting Guide, so you can experience that goal setting/dream session in your own life. 

Ready to get unstuck, find purpose, and actually live the life you want.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Are you ready to stop wishing for a better life, and actually live it?

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Be More Intentional


 Are you ready to dream up your ideal life and reverse engineer your way there?  You’ll have focus, clarity, and vision so you can live your life on purpose.



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Invest (literally) in Your Marriage

Can you imagine what life would be like if you and your spouse had a shared vision and goals?  This will be you when you start dreaming and setting goals together.  It’s time to be a team! 

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Go at Your Own Pace

You can complete this 12 page Marriage Goal Setting Guide in a day or you could break it out into smaller chunks. 

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Lifetime Access

You’ll  be able to go through this guide as often as you’d like.  I’d suggest revisiting this every year so you can track progress and dream again. 

What’s inside?

When you purchase, you’ll get the twelve page Marriage Goal Setting Guide instantly that you can download and print off. Inside there are three stages that have clear instructions to help you dream, clarify, and reverse engineer your goals. You’ll have room to write in your own answers inside the guide. Plus, you’ll be able to to print off this guide for years to come!

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