Why This Matters


[00:00:00] Saving money on groceries and eliminating your food waste makes such a difference. It makes a difference in your pocketbook. It also makes a difference in our environment because you might not realize it, but there is so much food that is thrown away because we either forget about it in our fridge. Or we go to a restaurant and we don’t eat everything, or we don’t take it home, or if we do take it home, we let it just sit there and then it goes bad and it gets thrown away.

[00:00:35] What is pretty crazy is that most Americans throw away 40% of our food. Okay? Can you imagine that 40% of the food that you have is thrown away. Right there. If you actually are like the statistic for Americans, that means that if [00:01:00] you are spending, you know, whatever it is, a month on groceries, 40% of it is thrown in the trash.

[00:01:08] That’s so much money that is wasted and. It just makes me sad that that much is thrown away because there’s farmers that worked hard to produce that food and people that worked to create the packaging and all of the things, and then we just go and throw it away and at the same time, one in eight Americans don’t have enough food to put on their table.

[00:01:33] This just doesn’t make sense to me that, you know, 40% of our food is thrown away, yet an eighth of Americans don’t have enough food to eat. They’re going hungry. Like this is a big issue. And I think that there are some, some easy things to actually fix this. And a lot of it starts with us. If we start consuming the food that we buy, instead of being the statistic of throwing away 40% of our food.

[00:02:01] Like the majority of Americans, we’re going to make a big difference. Plus, if we are able to donate food or give food to people that we care about, then we’re going to be able to help other people. Or even if you were able to donate some food to a food bank and help feed those Americans, the one out of eight Americans that don’t have a food on their tables.

[00:02:27] Like there’s so many things we can do to make a change. And the last thing I want to just talk about before we go to our next section, and this is a real reason that I have been so into saving money with groceries, is because when I spend less on my grocery bill, that gives me more money to spend on other things in my life.
[00:02:55] Like. We worked really hard to pay off our house. [00:03:00] I don’t think we would have been able to do that if we spent a lot more on our groceries. Because when we cut down expenses and areas, it frees up money to do things that we want to do. So if you are in the boat of wanting to save for a vacation or pay for a car with cash or pay off debt, or you know, do whatever you want, like.

[00:03:25] Maybe you want to invest in a Roth IRA and you haven’t done that, free up money in other areas. And groceries are a great place to start because your grocery bill is completely dependent on what you want. It’s not like a lot of the fixed expenses like insurance, um, the price of like paying for a car, all of those things like.

[00:03:50] You don’t have a lot of say in how much your rent is or your mortgage, but you do have say on how much you’re going to spend on [00:04:00] groceries. So today we’re going to be talking all about how to save on groceries. So you will have money in your wallet month after month because of this course. So stay tuned.

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