How to Score Great Deals


[00:00:00] How to score great deals so you can save a lot of money at the expense of grocery stores. And I’m going to show you some different ways so you can actually do this. So I love going to the more expensive grocery stores because you can get some amazing deals on items, but it’s kind of like finding a needle in the haystack that.

[00:00:22] You’re going to be surrounded by a lot of bad deals, but there are going to be some amazing ones in there. So here are some things to start looking for. The first one is look for reduced price stickers. You’ll find this on all kinds of different items, and typically it’s going to be like a bright. Yellow sticker and you’ll, you’ll just, you could ask someone who works at the grocery store because each grocery store has a different kind of tag, but it will be stuck onto whatever grocery item it is.

[00:00:52] It could be on you on a bag, salad, on meat, on milk [00:01:00] or cottage cheese, whatever it is. It could even be on like canned goods, but typically you’ll find it on the things on the perimeter. Of the grocery store, you’ll sell seldomly. Find them in like the canned goods eye aisles, like you’ll find it in a different way.

[00:01:18] So I’m going to talk about that in just a second, but look for those reduced price stickers. So they put them on items that are close to expiring, needing to be sold, and if you’re going to use them up before they get bad. This is an amazing way to save, and if you do it on meat, you can just put it in the freezer and that really helps you to save money.

[00:01:43] So look for those reduced-priced stickers, and so you can just scan for those. That’s one thing I do is I just look for those. Those items and just scan my eyes for that. And once you start paying attention to it, you’ll see them at so many grocery stores, you [00:02:00] are not going to find them hardly ever at a lower price grocery store.

[00:02:05] So you’re going to find that at the expense of stores. Second thing is you’re going to check to a designated discount area where that is typically, you’re going to find this area at. Um, the back of the grocery store for like canned items and just all the random things that are in the middle Isles.

[00:02:24] You’ll find it in one section for us. We have an Albertson’s that’s close and it’s like the past, all the milk and the dairy and it’s in the farthest corner and it’s like this aisle that, um, is just full of a bunch of random things, like you’ll find frosting and. All kinds of, just like mouthwash, all kinds of just random things.

[00:02:49] You never know what you’re going to get there, but sometimes you’ll find some good deals. You’ll also find designated discount areas in the meat [00:03:00] department. A lot of store stores will have a section that says just reduced-priced area and they’ll have reduced price stickers on all the items. They just have a full section of it.

[00:03:08] So just makes it easy peasy for you to just go to that section and see. This is all the meat that needs to be sold. You’ll also find at some grocery stores that, like for me, we have Fred Meyer nearby and they have a section of produce that they’re in bags and every bag is a dollar. This past week I was able to buy two heads of cauliflower.

[00:03:33] Each of them were a dollar and they were organic ones. They didn’t have mold on them. They didn’t even look bad, but they were needing to be sold. I also got a bag of peppers. It was an orange pepper, a yellow pepper, and a red pepper. And they both, all of them looked good. And so those three peppers were a dollar.

[00:03:51] So you’re going to find some really good deals, but the stuff needs to be used up pretty quickly, so make sure that you use [00:04:00] it up. You can also find discounted areas, sometimes in a freezer section, and if you talk to the people that work there, it will really help you to, to know where it is. Otherwise you can just.

[00:04:12] Go through the aisles and see if they have a section and normally there’s not as much freezer stuff that’s on sale because the stuff lasts longer, but if they’re discontinuing an item, they’ll have them on sale, are in clearance, some that part. Another great plan is to talk to the people who work in the different departments, and I have loved this because for one, you get to know the people who are working at the grocery store.

[00:04:37] I think a lot of times they just feel like. No one really talks to them except for just asking random questions, but I have liked. To, um, to ask the crusher workers, like, when do you, when do you discount items? When do you go through and start marking down food? A lot of times, like the grocery department, like the meat department, might tell you, you know, we, we go through [00:05:00] all of our meats and discount them.

[00:05:02] At one o’clock on Mondays, so then you know, like, Hey, I’m going to go to the grocery store on at three o’clock on a Monday after they’ve marked everything down and you can have conversations with them. One thing I’ve also been able to do is if I see something that is close to expiring and it isn’t marked down, you can talk to the person working in that department and say like, Hey, this is close to being marked that as close to expiring.

[00:05:26] Would you be willing to discount it for me? And I have been told yes. So many times I’ve only been told no once, and typically they’re going to be like, well, what were you thinking price-wise? And you can just say whatever you think. Like, I’d like to get this bag of salad for 99 cents or whatever it is.

[00:05:46] And they’re like, they can decide if that’s good or not. And yeah, you can form relationships. We had a grocery store that it actually ended up going out of business, but I. New, the, [00:06:00] um, the dairy manager so well that he would see me and he would just show me like, Oh, I will give you this. And he would, he would give me all the discounts for half the price of what was actually marked, and he would just change prices for me because I didn’t even ask for it.

[00:06:17] I think just talking to him and he was just be like, Oh, I can give you this for this price. And it was stuff that was close to expiring. I was getting gallons and melt for 25 cents a gallon that was close to expiring. It was crazy. The next thing to do is to know your prices. Like I talked previously is that if you know what you’re willing to spend on items, you’ll know when there’s a good deal and you’ll be able to sniff it out and go for it because a lot of the ads you’ll find are not full of good deals.

[00:06:49] There’s going to be a couple of them that are going to be just really good and a lot that just are not that great. So make sure that you buy the items that you [00:07:00] actually want and need and just focus on getting those. Another idea which some people feel very self-conscious and feel like this seems weird too, to ask, is to ask for discounts like.

[00:07:15] I talked about earlier about asking when they Markdown the produce, ask, you know, when they marked down the meat, talk to them about it and ask for discounts. If you think like, Hey, this cottage cheese is close to expiring, would you be willing to discount it? And the worst I can say is no, and you just don’t buy it, and that’s fine.

[00:07:38] Another way to save is on case lot sales. Not all higher-end grocery stores have them, but it’s typically, it will happen a couple times a year and they’ll have like a case lot sale. And it can be really tricky because you think, Oh, because it’s, you know, case lot sales, everything has to be an amazing deal.

[00:07:58] But in reality it’s like the ads, [00:08:00] most of the things are not a great deal, but some of them are. And you want to make sure it’s something that you actually will want to have a lot of. Like. You know, buying honey on a case lot sale might sound like a great plan, but what, how likely are you to use 12 bottles of hunting?

[00:08:17] Probably not that likely. So see what you actually use and what you need before you go and purchase. The next thing that I love to buy at the more expensive grocery stores is meat. And this is where I buy pretty much. 100% of my meat is bought at higher-end grocery stores for one. The meat quality is just better.

[00:08:43] I do not like buying meat at lower end grocery stores. Typically, I’ve just found that it’s just not as good. And one thing was meat sales is they typically cycle every three months. So if you buy enough. Meat to last [00:09:00] you three months when it’s on sale, then you’ll know that there’s going to be another sale coming up.

[00:09:04] And you can just take advantage of that because you don’t want to have, you know, buy enough meat that will last you years and years and it grows really gross. Um, so just by what you’ll actually use within a three month period. And another trick that really helps is to get the butcher to actually individually wrap.

[00:09:25] What you are wanting. So like you can buy chicken breast. I like to buy it when it’s like a dollar 50 a pound is when I stock up and a lot of times all by like 40 pounds worth of chicken at a time. And that way I just don’t have to worry about buying chicken for three months or maybe even a little bit longer depending on how much chicken we’re going to eat.

[00:09:49] But instead of going home and opening up all these packages and then touching the raw meat, putting them in Ziploc bags and labeling them, it’s so [00:10:00] much easier to have the butcher go and put them in. You know, you could say like, I’d like to chicken breasts in each pack, and I like it to equal. 30 pounds or whatever you want, and instead of just waiting for them to do that, I would just tell them like, if you know that’s what you’re going to get, go to the meat section when you walk into the store and then do the rest of your grocery shopping while they’re packaging everything up for you.

[00:10:28] And then when you’re almost done, you just go back to the butcher area and they are going to have it all for you. One thing you can also do is you can ask the butcher if they put seasonings on the meat for free. A lot of grocery stores do this without actually like advertising it and that way when you thought out your meat, it’s already marinating and you don’t have to pay for seasoning like it’s already done for you.

[00:10:54] So that’s a great option to ask and take advantage of.

[00:11:00] In the next lesson, we’re going to talk about what to buy an inexpensive grocery stores, so check that out next.

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