[00:00:00] All right. We’re now on to dairy. So this is a dairy product guy to really help you go through and find some ways to save on dairy products. So typically, dairy products have a short shelf life. They don’t last forever. Some are longer than others, obviously. I’m going to show you some tips to help you save more on your dairy products and help them last longer.

[00:00:27] So I liked to buy dairy products, typically at higher-end grocery stores because they’ll have deals on dairy on most weeks is, especially when it comes to butter. Cottage cheese cream cheese, things like that. You’ll see those in the ads pretty frequently. You can also see reduced price stickers on those items that you won’t find at a cheaper grocery store like Walmart or WinCo or things like that.

[00:00:56] So if you look for the reduced price sticker, it normally is [00:01:00] yellow or red. They’re really just trying to get your attention and they do that when it’s close to time to sell out on it. Um, and you’ll also notice, depending on the grocery store that you go to, that sometimes, they’ll have a different color tag for items that are cheaper and they’re on sale, but they don’t actually say that they’re on sale.

[00:01:23] Some dairy products, you could actually freeze them. And that helps. When you see a good deal, you can buy more. Like, I like to do that with butter. And I’ll go into that in just a little bit. So we’re going to first talk about milk. So I know there’s a lot of people that are going away from using dairy products.

[00:01:42] And so this. Probably isn’t going to be your cup of tea right now, but for cow’s milk, I like to purchase it when it’s $2 or less a gallon. You can check store ads on the bigger grocery stores that are more expensive and they’ll have [00:02:00] deals on milk. Sometimes you’ll find deals that you buy. If you buy like two boxes of cereal, you get a gallon of milk free, things like that.

[00:02:08] That’s not always the case, and sometimes you’ll also see that half gallons will be on sale and it actually ends up being cheaper. If you buy two half gallons, then buying a full gallon at regular price. So if that might be something that is worth looking into when you’re at a more expensive grocery store, you also will typically find reduced milk prices with the quick sale tag on them.

[00:02:35] And so the thing is, is when you buy milk that is closer to expiring, you need to make sure that you’re gonna be able to drink it all and use it all up. And if you know that you won’t, then don’t buy it, even if it is a really great deal. One thing you can do is you can freeze milk, and I have done this before multiple times, and if you freeze the milk, you cannot just freeze [00:03:00] it, like take the gallon home and put it in the freezer.

[00:03:02] It will explode. If you do that. It expands once it freezes and so you want to take about a cup. Out of the milk. So like pour yourself a glass of milk, then cap it and then put it in your freezer and it’ll be fine. The thing is, is when you thought out in your fridge, don’t saw it out on your counter, thought out in the fridge, and it’s going to take awhile, like quite a long time for it to actually thought out in your fridge, and then when it does thought out, it’s going to not.

[00:03:32] Have the set, like the smooth consistency you’ll normally find with milk, it will be separated. So I know some people who love having frozen milk and just thawing it out, but it is not gonna taste the same as if you just poured herself like a glass of milk. Like I personally cannot. I just. I have a hard time with the texture because it’s almost like grainy a little bit when you have frozen milk.

[00:03:56] But if you’re adding it to baked goods and things like that, [00:04:00] then it’s okay. And so one thing you can do is if you have a gallon of milk and you know you’re not gonna finish it in time, go and freeze it. Until you like, if you’re going to go on vacation, let’s say you’re going to go on vacation, you’re not able to bring a gallon of milk with you instead of just throwing it away.

[00:04:19] You could give it to a neighbor, but you could also just put it in your freezer. You won’t have to pour any of it out because it’s already halfway empty. And then when you get home, you can pull it out of the freezer and you’ll have milk in probably three or four days. So that’s one way to do that. And if you do have a lot of milk that just needs to be used up, you can do some recipes that actually use up a lot of milk.

[00:04:46] So I like to make like pudding. You can make pancakes that uses a lot of milk. You can do smoothies. There’s just think of the recipes that you use. A lot of milk. Do those ones. You could even make like, [00:05:00] um, different, uh, like fudge pops, like fudge Sickles. You could make that if you have a lot of milk on hand.

[00:05:09] The next one is eggs. So I. We use a lot of eggs and I buy it a lot. And the issue with egg prices is that they fluctuate like crazy, more so than melt prices. Milk prices do fluctuate quite a bit, but egg prices fluctuate like crazy and there’s sometimes that I can get eggs for 80 cents a dozen and there’s sometimes I get eggs and I go to the store and they’re like a dollar 70.

[00:05:41] So it more than doubles in price. It’s crazy how it changes. And one thing I like to do is to actually look at the pricing of the 12 pack, the 18 pack and the five dozen, because sometimes, and pretty oftentimes the five dozen is going to be cheaper than [00:06:00] getting. The eggs by the dozen. We go through five dozen really quickly, and so that’s why I’m willing to go and buy a five dozen thing of eggs and eggs lasts a lot longer.

[00:06:15] Even if you look at the expiration date, they normally, like, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had an expired egg, and so you can just use them longer than what it says on the carton. And so just compare the amounts, but I like to spend as a dollar, um, per dozen of eggs is like my goal to try and get it to that point.

[00:06:38] A lot of times those five dozen eggs, sometimes they’re large eggs and sometimes they’re medium eggs. Do you want to double-check that? Because sometimes they’re the same price to get the five desert eggs versus getting if you just bought five 12. Count eggs, but if the five dozen are the medium size eggs, you want to just get the larger ones.

[00:07:01] [00:07:00] So we love using eggs, and I honestly don’t even like eating eggs by itself. And we still go through close to five dozen in a week. Maybe not that many. It quite a bit though. I normally buy it five to six dozen at a time and we use a lot of them because I make cottage cheese pancakes, which I love. It’s a gluten-free way of making pancakes.

[00:07:24] It has no sugar in it. All you do is you use 12 eggs that you crack into a blender, you put a pound of cottage cheese in it. And two cups of oats and I add some cinnamon and vanilla. I blend it up and it makes pancakes for, I just put it in the fridge once I’m, we use up what we need for the day, and I normally get like two to three breakfast is out of it and.

[00:07:50] My family loves it. So we do that. We also make Dutch babies, and when I make Dutch babies, I make two pants worth, and so I use 12 eggs for [00:08:00] that. So I typically make those pancakes in those Dutch babies once a week, and so that right there is two dozen eggs. Then we make omelets and scrambled eggs and fried eggs and things like that.

[00:08:10] You can also make hard boil eggs in the instant pot. It’s a really easy way to use those if you love them. Okay. The next one is butter. So butter can be really expensive. I used to be, um, a margarine girl because it was cheap and that was pretty much it. And I didn’t want to pay for butter. And then I did more research and I realized that margarine is.

[00:08:37] Almost the same as plastic with the ingredients. And I’m like, I do not want to be having this in my body, so I quit buying margarine because if you buy margarine, you can get like four sticks for like 60 cents, like insane lead sheep. But butter is a lot more, and you can get all kinds of like specialty butters that are like from Ireland [00:09:00] or all these different places.

[00:09:01] So you’re going to spend different amounts if you want, like. The Kerrygold butter. I just buy just regular butter and I don’t spend more than two 50 a pound. I really stock up when it’s one 99 a pound, and so that’s for the pack of four sticks of butter. So ends up being 50 cents a stick. One thing I love to do is freeze butter.

[00:09:24] And so when I get a sale where it’s a dollar 99 for a pound, I’ll buy whatever the limit is, and I get that at an expensive grocery store. So I typically get that I like Albertsons or Fred Meyer. And I will put it in the freezer and then I pull out each stick as I need it because if I just put the whole thing of butter in my fridge, we don’t go through it quickly enough.

[00:09:47] And if you have butter that stays in the fridge too long, you’ll notice that it starts getting like this hard. Edge all the way around it that you’ll have to take off and throw away. And so I just like storing it in the fridge and when [00:10:00] I, or the freezer, and then when I need butter, I just pull it out and put it in the fridge.

[00:10:05] It thaws pretty quickly and it’s just easy peasy, so that’s a great way to do that. You’ll also find more deals on butter and really all baked goods, like baking ingredients, like flour, sugar, all of those things. Before a major holiday where cooking is involved. So think like Christmas, Thanksgiving, even sometimes Easter, you’ll find like a lot of the, but mainly Thanksgiving and Christmas, especially Christmas because people are going to be baking Christmas cookies and stuff.

[00:10:32] And so the, the grocery stores are trying to draw these people, these bakers to come into their store and then end up buying the rest of their groceries there. And the next one is cottage cheese. So I never really liked cottage cheese until I became an adult and I don’t know, like it was like something switched inside of me and I buy cottage cheese pretty frequently.

[00:11:00] [00:11:00] I like going to, right now I’ve been going to Fred Meyer and I like that they have reduced prices on cottage cheese. And I actually, I like getting them in the one-pound tubs and I talked about earlier about the cottage cheese pancakes that I make. And so I like just freezing them whole, so I just directly put them into the freezer.

[00:11:20] And then I. When I’m wanting to use the cottage cheese to make the, um, the pancakes, all I do is I put it in the fridge like two days beforehand, and then I, I don’t even have to measure, I just dumped the entire thing into the blender and with the dozen eggs and two cups of boats, and it’s just done and it really easy.

[00:11:43] So cottage cheese, when you freeze it, it. It’s pretty similar to the same texture if you let it thought out all the way. Um, but having frozen cottage cheese for the recipes that I use, like for adding it to pasta dishes to make it [00:12:00] creamier, you can use it for like, um, lasagna filling instead of ricotta cheese

[00:12:06] You can do that. The pancakes pretty much. You can use cottage cheese for a lot of different things, or you can just eat it by itself and put. Cinnamon on it or add different fruits into it too. There’s a lot of different ways of eating it, so a lot of times I’ll actually get cottage cheese for about 60 cents a tub.

[00:12:24] That’s a pound. And then when that happens, I just buy every single one and I freeze them and I don’t have to worry about it for quite a while. So that’s what I do with cottage cheese and it helps us save a lot of money. All right, we’re going to talk about cheese. So there’s so many different types of cheese, and if I went into every single one, it would be just so long and boring and you wouldn’t want to hear it.

[00:12:48] So for me, I like to spend two 50 or less a pound for the typical cheese that you buy at a grocery store. I like cheddar Swiss mozzarella, Colby, Colby, Jack and Monterey [00:13:00] Jack cheese. And I normally buy them in the two pound packages because that’s typically the cheapest option. Then buying the eight ounce sizes, so you want to look at the size to make sure it actually is a good deal.

[00:13:15] You’ll find this cheaper at the more expensive grocery stores. I also find that I can buy the two pounds of. Cheddar cheese, they have a mild cheddar cheese at Costco, which ranges anywhere from like four 49 a pound or for the pack, so for two pounds to like five 29 so if I don’t find it on sale anywhere else, I typically will get it at Costco.

[00:13:42] They also have some, like. I think it’s like five-pound chunks, which are huge. And if you, it’s hard to shred that big of a thing, but if you get that big of one, sometimes it ends up being a better deal, especially if you like the sharp cheddar at Costco, that that works out [00:14:00] pretty well. I typically never buy shredded cheese unless it’s on an insane deal.

[00:14:05] And a lot of it is because for one, it’s more expensive because it’s. They’re doing the work for you, and they also add potato starch into the shredded cheese so it doesn’t stick to each other. And so I just, I’d rather not have additives into it. And so what I do is I just stick the cheese, I cut it into chunks, put it through my kitchen aid mixer.

[00:14:29] If I’m going to use some like a ton of shredded cheese or I want to have it on hand, I’ll do that. And that just makes it easier to just do it once and then you can just put it in your fridge in a Ziploc bag. You don’t have to worry about it. You can freeze cheese. And I have done that quite often. And I, the thing with frozen cheese is it does not tread.

[00:14:53] It’s not shreddable. It just doesn’t happen that way. And if you try cutting it, it just crumbles. So if you’re okay, like [00:15:00] it will work with melting it and things like that, but it is not going to win a, like a beauty award or anything like that. But if you have cheese that you know, like you’re going on vacation or you overbought and you need to to freeze it so you don’t throw it away, you can freeze it.

[00:15:17] The cheese that I do spend the most on is a cheese and I buy it at Costco is the place that I can get it for the cheapest and it’s normally under $4 a pound. It is more expensive, but you don’t use as much pheta cheese as you would like. Cheddar cheese like you, you have like how much do you use on nachos?

[00:15:36] You don’t use anywhere near that amount for feta. So that’s, I guess how I rationalize that. All right, we’re going to go-to cream cheese. So cream cheese, the price of it fluctuates a lot throughout the year. You can buy it on sale, typically for our dollar for the eight-ounce pack, and you, you’ll want to look at the [00:16:00] expiration date.

[00:16:00] And typically, even when you go through what they have at the store, there’s going to be quite the variety of expiration dates. So I really pay attention to cream cheese and the X and when it expires. And I, they normally last like three to four months. And so I want to get the one clearly that will have the longest expiration dates.

[00:16:20] So it for one is the freshest. And if I don’t use it all in time, like I have more time to use it. Um, so cream cheese is not one you want to freeze because the consistency is just not good. And you’ll normally find cream cheese on sale during Christmas time, holidays when all the baking. Stuff is on sale because you use cream cheese to make all kinds of things like cheesecake, add it to brownies, you make fruit dip frosting, all kinds of things like that.

[00:16:53] Okay? We can’t forget about ice cream. That’s a good one. So this is our last. [00:17:00] Dairy product we’re going to talk about is ice cream. And it’s so hard to resist. And for me, I used to buy the cheapest ice cream out there because I love a good deal. And I started realizing that the cheap ice cream is not always worth it.

[00:17:16] And the reason of that is because. It’s not, it just doesn’t taste as good. And like I’d rather buy one that I, I like and spend a little bit more. And so I like buying ice cream. I pretty much never buy it like WinCo or Walmart. I just don’t. And the reason for that is because their prices are always consistent and they’re normally consistently higher than ice cream sales go on so much to inexpensive grocery, or sorry, at expensive grocery stores.

[00:17:43] So like if I go to Fred Meyer, they’ll have deals like. Almost every week on ice cream, you’ll normally find at least one store, probably in your area if you’re in a somewhat bigger town that has a deal on ice cream every week, and so then you’re getting [00:18:00] higher-end ice creams for cheaper. And so I really like that.

[00:18:04] Like I’ve gone to Albertsons and I was able to get MK ice cream, which is super good for a dollar 49. A half-gallon and that was like, sign me up. Yes, I will go and get that. And so I really like having nicer ice cream because it just tastes better and it, yeah, I feel like it’s more worth the calories. So I’ll choose good ice cream for two 50 or less.

[00:18:30] And one thing, I used to never buy ice cream because I hate freezer burn and I figured out a trick that really makes ice cream stay so much. Like it just doesn’t get freezer burn and all you have to do is take wax paper. You can also use parchment paper and cut it too. I mean, you don’t need to cut it circular.

[00:18:49] I just cut it to cover the top of the ice cream container and what I do is I just press that and seal it down. So I don’t put it on the top [00:19:00] and then just put the lid on. I actually haven’t touched the ice cream so it doesn’t have any air space and I just have that sealed on it and then I put the lid on and then I put it in the freezer and then it doesn’t get freezer burn.

[00:19:11] You just pull that wax paper off. It comes off super easy and then voila, you have ice cream that doesn’t have gross ice chunks on it. One thing I also like doing is a like grocery outlet and some of those stores you can get. Great deals on ice cream. And so look at the, the smaller ice creams. A lot of times, like the pints, you can get some great deals.

[00:19:34] I’ve gotten them as cheap as like 50 cents a pint, so you can look and see what the deals are and just find one that you really love and then you can keep it in your freezer. All right, so that’s for the dairy products. Our next section is talking about meat, so I am looking forward to seeing you in that next lesson.

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