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Hi, I’m Amberlee Rich (yes, that’s my real name), I’m a financial coach, podcaster, and blogger. I believe living a rich life doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Learn how to spend less, be more intentional and live more

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Ep. 81: 9 Ways to Help Your Kids Love Reading

Hey friends, welcome to today's show. I am really excited about today's topic. We're going to talk about how to make...
Ep. 80: 7 Ways to Create Time to Read

Ep. 80: 7 Ways to Create Time to Read

This year, one of the habits I'm trying to improve upon and track is my reading. I started outlining this episode and then I woke up in the middle of the night with some clarity and I've figured out what I needed to talk about. So it's almost 4:00 AM and here are my...

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Ep. 78: Habit Stacking

Ep. 78: Habit Stacking

Hey friend, welcome to today's show. This whole year, we have been going through a lot of information, helping us create change in our lives without using a typical New Year's resolution. In my podcast, episode 75, we talked about why resolutions typically fail. And a...

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